Podcast News

I am going to do a podcast about the games that I played since Fallout 4’s last DLC Nuka World. Its going to be my thoughts on ReCore and Forza Horizon 3. Hopefully I will have it up by the weekend.

Also, the last week or so my co worker has been talking more and more about doing a podcast. Since he has been talking about it for the last few month off and on, that’s kind of why I made this since it gave me the idea of talking about my gaming experiences. Hopefully after this last little podcast coming up of my experience with ReCore and Forza Horizon 3, it will 2 of us talking about gaming experiences. We’re still kind of working on the idea of how we are going to do the podcasts.


Forza Horizon 3

Okay so for the past week and half I have been playing Forza Horizon 3. I have been playing Forza games for a year now. My first Forza game was Forza Motorsport 6. Then I had gotten Forza Motorsport 5 some time later. Just the other month, Xbox Live Gold had Forza Horizon as one of their free games so I got it and downloaded it a couple of days ago.

I like the racing especially when it comes to those days where it helps clear my head out by driving around and racing. I do love the music that Forza Horizon 3 has. By picking Australia as the setting for Forza Horizon 3, they did a good job because it is really beautiful scenery, though I haven’t seen any Kangaroos or Koala bears yet. Though I don’t think that they would include them because I would feel bad if by some mistake, I ran over a kangaroo. I might stop the game right there.

They have 4 site locations for festivals and I have all four set up and 2 of them are levelled up to the max. So I am just driving around doing the different races and championships that they have. I think I have over 5 million fans.

So if you play Forza Horizon 3 and ever get the chance to hire a Drivatar and that gamertag of that drivatar is WeepySaucer9404, feel free to hire me as a drivatar. Or if you would like to drive against me, or if you want to be in a group driving around with me feel free to add me.

What I have played in September

I remember playing quite a bit of games in September but honestly, I don’t remember much of the games that I did played. Probably due to that I have played the games so many times that after a while it just seems like a blur.

However, I do remember getting the Microsoft game ReCoreĀ and trying that out for a couple of little hours. I had gotten the game because after seeing it at 2015 E3, yes 2015, it looked like it would be a cool little game and it sold me because you get a dog companion even though its a robotic one.

From what I have played of ReCore, it seems to be an open world type where you go and try to find these orbs so you can fix whatever has been broken since the orbs power up everything. There is the robots that attack you and they are different colors and you have to use the same color gun to attack them better (though you can use any gun but the same color gun as the color robot attack you gets better damage hitting the robot). I had fought acouple of bosses. I remember it did seem to go alittle bit long for me. It might have to be that you have to it just right when you pull out the orb thing that the boss has.

From what I have played of it, it seems to be a good game. Especially if you like open world type shooter games that has somewhat of a futuristic feel to it and have robots.