Possible podcast coming up

I figured that it is about time to do another podcast about my gaming experiences for September.

I will post blogs of my gaming experiences.


Free Code Giveaway

So I am holding a Free Code Giveaway on my Twitter @MyGamingSoul1. It is the game Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts for Xbox. All you have to do to enter is Retweet this tweet and follow @MyGamingSoul1. The contest ends on Friday September 16th, 2016.

***No Spam Accounts or Bot Accounts. If a spam or bot account is chosen at first, I will chose someone else. Also likes will NOT be counted. Retweet the tweet and follow @MyGamingSoul1. to enter to win this game.

Stick of Truth Gameplay

So today, I was playing South Park’s Stick of Truth on PC. If you are a fan of South Park, then this is a good game to try out. It looks like so far they have taken various parts of the shows and put them all into the game. It seems like they are trying to make it a South Park type of Lord of the Rings with some The Elder Scrolls Skyrim thrown in there (especially when they call you Dragonborn after you are taught shouts, which oddly one of them is called Dragonborn). Yea the shouts are farts but they do come in handy. However, even though they ask for your name, Cartman, like always, calls you something other than what you put down. Since they didn’t have an option for a girl, I had put Chris in as a name and Cartman calls me Douchebag.

So the story so far is that there is this Stick of Truth and the Elves and Humans are fighting over it. Whoever has the Stick, controls the universe. Cartman is the leader of the Humans and he is a grandwizard. So I did some quests for the Humans and then I came across the alien spaceship. There I managed to escape from the aliens and after doing so the ship crashed.

The humans got me trying to get the Goth kids to join and whle doing so, I was summoned by the Elf King and that turns out to be Kyle. There Kyle and Stan go on saying how Cartman is a jerk like always and he still has the stick of truth. Now they want me to get the Goth kids to side with the Elves.

That is basically where I am now. I had went back to the Goth kids in my Goth clothes and they wanted me to put up a sign at the PTA meeting and Stan’s dad stops me at the meeting and wanted me to go into the bathroom with him where now he is trying to teach me a new kind of fart which I have to admit, it is kind of hard to do. So that is where I left my gameplay of South Park’s The Stick of Truth.

It is a funny and neat little game. I am enjoying it, even though I am kind of stuck at the moment.

My latest gaming experiences

Since my last post about how I had fixed the little bug that I was having in Fallout 4’s Nuka World and what I had done after in Nuka World, I went on to play some of this Hatsune Miku Project Diva X on PS4. So far from the little big that I have played of it, it is pretty fun. Project Diva X is about this group of singers/dancers and at the beginning, most of them couldn’t perform due to the different star auras aren’t glowing like how they are suppose to. So after completing the first star aura and filling it up by performing 5 different songs by using Hatsune Miku, that is when the other members of the group were able to sing. There are five different stars and they each need to be filled up with auras. Right now I am still on the second star filling it up the aura.

What else I have been doing is I had gotten Fallout 4 for my PC and I have been playing alittle bit on that. I had gotten to the point in the story where I had found the Institute and they want me to work with a courser to get the rouge synth at Libertalia. Since I had already did the Institute and Brotherhood of Steel endings on my Xbox, I will probably go with the Railroad ending first and then go back to do the Minutemen ending. After that, I will go to Nuka World. After Nuka World, I am not sure what else I would do on my PC character.

So Nuka World….

So after I fixed the glitch I was having with Kiddie Kingdom, I was able to continue with the main quest.

Gage told me to talk to Shank so we could take over the Commonwealth. So after talking with Shank and raiding my first little place (Abernathy Farm) by convincing them to leave, I had to set up my little place so the raiders could be happy. Then I raided 2 more settlements (Tempaines Bluff and Starlight Drive), I go back to talk to Shank where he tells me that I am needed back to Nuka World because apparently Mason and the Pack took over the Power Plant and I need to go back to help the other leaders to deal with it.I go back and Nisha was asking basically “If the time comes, will he pay?” and I choose Rip him to shreds option because I didn’t really care for the pack and now I am kind of loving the fact that I can finally kill Mason and some of the Pack. After a long fight with the Pack, I finally kill Mason and grabbed the key to open the door to turn on the power. It was lovely turning back the power!

Kiddie Kingdom glitch Update

Since my last post talking about Nuka World, I have been having this problem/glitch in Kiddie Kingdom in which I had searched the castle, Fun House and then the tunnels and after doing all of those objectives, they were marked as completed but there was no other objectives in the questline for taking over Kiddie Kingdom. I had searched all over the park looking for Oswald, especially in the the theater because they were making it sound like he was in that area. I had found this elevator inside of the theater but for some reason, it was  saying “This Elevator Isn’t Functioning” everytime I would try to open the elevator or press the call button. I had done a hard reset on my Xbox to see if that would work and it didn’t and I even waited 30 in game days just to see if it would reset or fix itself and nothing. So I was outside of the theater and I was looking around and I was thinking to myself if I could just jump up there somehow.

So what I did was put a Jet Pack mod on my X-01 power armor and went back to the theater in Kiddie Kingdom. That’s when I started taking my time and using the jet pack to get to the roof of the theater. Sure enough, it worked. Now when I got on the roof, I still didn’t see Oswald and I was looking around the little area and then I had noticed the elevator and how the call button was blinking so I pressed it and that is when Oswald shows up and we talked and I managed to convince him to go after Rachel. After that, the quest to clear Kiddie Kingdom was completed and I was able to claim the area for the Operators.