First Podcast coming Tuesday/Wednesday!

So I have decided to make my first podcast of My Gaming Soul about my experiences with Nuka World, the last DLC of Fallout 4! I was one of the beta testers for this last DLC and now that it is out, I can talk about my experiences with it. I have already recorded it and I am getting it set up to upload it. So it should be up Tuesday or Wednesday! I will post a link when its up.


Fallout 4 Nuka World

Well, hello from Nuka World! Fallout 4’s new DLC, Nuka World is officially out! I was one of the few that was chosen to do Beta testing for this new DLC though I was wondering at times if I was ever going to get chosen to do a Beta test for any of the Fallout 4 DLCs. This is basically what I have done so far.

Anyways, I am going to give my experience with Nuka World so far. From what little bit that was shown by the developers on their Twitch stream, they let you know that to get to Nuka World, a questline comes up if you are level 30 or higher. You go to the train station to get to Nuka World where you fight some gunners.

After dealing with the gunners, I go inside of the train station and come across Harvey. He tells some story just to lure me to Nuka World. I then hoped the train to Nuka World, where I had to do this gauntlet. (Bring lots of ammo and stimpaks and other health items.) When I camme to the end of the gauntlet, this guy name Gage tells me to get this guy called the  Thrist Zapper and I needed to use that to help defeat the Overboss Colter guy. So I defeated Colter and I became Overboss of these raiders. So I then got to check out my new little digs in the mountain top of Nuka World.

Next, I went and talked to the leaders of the 3 different gangs; Disciples, Operators, and the Pack. The Disciples are an okay gang who seems to be more into the fighting and likes to torture while Operators are cool and seem to be more interested in the making caps and fighting and the Pack is a little weird and likes using animals and use them to fight each other and dress up as animals themselves. That’s what the impression I get from them.

Basically, the whole point of Nuka World is to go to the different areas of the park and clear them out and put a flag up of what gang you want to take over that area. Also there is an alternative quest to kill the leaders of the gangs if you want to “good route” or if you don’t like raiders.

So first I went and cleared out Galactic Zone. This is where robots are the enemies. They do have this one part of the Galactic Zone where you have to install and fix the mainframe. To do this, you need to find these star cores. There are 35 star cores and they are located thoroughout Nuka World. 20 are needed to fix the mainframe and 35 are needed to open this case that is holding a full X-01 power armor suit. Also the power to Nuka World is needed to get to the last star core (I haven’t gotten to powering up Nuka World yet). After clearing out Galactic Zone, I gave it to the Disciples. (I had wanted to give it to the Operators because I like them better but I had mixed up Disciples and Operators. Come to find out though, once you give a section to a gang, you can’t change it. So make sure you got your gangs straight before giving any of the sections to the gangs).

Next  I went to Dry Glunch Rock where I got to become a deputy and kill all of these pesky blood worms (AKA those little tremors) and some flying bugs and some big ants. I battled this queen tremor. After clearing that area out, I gave it to the Operators.

I then did some traveling around the park and meet with these Hubologists who believed in UFOs. With them, you go to the Junkyard and fight some robots and some bugs. Dana (leader of the Hubologists) then asks for 3 fusion cores to power up this UFO (its a ride for the Nuka World) and you can either give 3 or 4 fusion cores. Depending on how many you give, you will get a different result. I had put in 4 fusion cores and let’s just say that it was interesting.

After dealing with the Hubologists, I did some more exploring and even did a couple of quests for the raiders. I also founded Nuka-cade and played a few of the arcade games that was there. Throughout the park, you will find bunches of tickets and tokens and pre-war money.

Then I went to Kiddie Kingdom where you get to see all of these lovely painted ghouls. Oswald is this ghoul who does magic. (Just think Hancock but with magic). After doing part of the quest for Kiddie Kingdom, I left it to go to the Safari Zone.

In the Safari Zone, I got to help Cito defeat this monsters, Gatorclaws. Cito reminds me of a mixture of Tarzan and Clem from the Vault-Tec DLC. After clearing out the Safari Zone, I gave it to the Operators. (The Pack seems like it would be a good choice for this section considering they want to mess with animals but still I have to go with my gang of Operators).

I then went to World of Refreshments. This is where the blue river of Quantum is running through. Here of course is mirelurks (which is called Nukalurks here) and some assualtrons. After clearing out the inside and outside of World of Refreshments, I gave it to Operators. (And yes, there is a Nukalurk Queen!).

I had went back to Kiddie Kingdom and did another part of the quest there. This is where I am stuck. I am not sure if it is/was because of a bug in the questline that I am doing now. So I am doing some exploring and some more quests for my gang till I can figure out how to finish claiming Kiddie Kingdom for my gang and then I will be done with taking over the park. After that, I am not sure what happens. For what I have seen others talk about, we get to send raiders to settlements in the Commonwealth to take over.

I also went back to Kiddie Kingdom and went back into the tunnels and found a terminal where you can turn off the rad misters but when I went back outside Kiddie Kingdom, the misters were still on. I then tried to see if I could get Oswald guy to show up again and nothing still. So I went exploring some more, this time in search of the Power Plant so I could turn the power to the park back on. I still haven’t gotten the quest to go turn it on but I thought that I might as well go and see if I could turn it on without the quest. So sadly enough, after killing all (or most of them) I come to where you have to turn on the power only to find that I need a key to open up the door. However I found a ledge thing by the button I have to push and I went on the ledge and pushed the button and nothing. So I am guessing that the quest to turn the power on has to be there in order for it to work. Before going to the Power Plant, I went back to the World of Refreshments to get the Nuka Power Armor.

There are some goodies in Nuka World. In World of Refreshments, there is a Nuka T-51 power armor. Also there is the X-01 power armor in the Galactic Zone as I have mentioned earlier. I even seen a suit with 2 pieces of X-01 armor on it (I forogt where I have seen it). There is a set of X-01 power (except the left leg) at the place near this little town of Bradberton. Also at the Power Plant there is a full set of X-01 power armor. There is also a Nuka Red Rocket stop that can be made into a workshop (once you get the power to the park turned on but till you do, you can still use the power armor thing to repair your power armor).

So that is my experience with Nuka World so far.



I am thinking of doing a podcast of my gaming experiences. First my coworker was mentioning how we should do a gaming podcasts since we are both gamers. Then in a Facebook group called A Skyrim Addict Podcast, they wanted me to do a podcast thing for Elder Scrolls Legends. I did one episode of it. After that, I haven’t done anymore. Then I was thinking that if I do anymore podcasts, I would want it to be more of my gaming experiences in general and about games overall especially since I haven’t really played Elder Scrolls Legends that much and I had never played an Elder Scrolls game before the Legends game and after I played about 4 chapters of it, I had gotten the Elder Scrolls Skyrim and since I am somewhat of a noob and I don’t really understand all of the Elder Scrolls/Skyrim world yet, I don’t really feel comfortable doing a podcast just on one thing especially if I don’t really play that particular item all that much.

Here is my first podcast. If you think that I should continue doing podcasts feel free to comment. If I do anymore podcasts, I would feel better talking about my gaming experiences and gaming news better then just having to talk about one specific game that I don’t really play and don’t really know anything about, all because I had gotten a beta invite to the game. That shouldn’t be the only reason to have someone do a podcast especially if they hardly play it and never had experience with the Elder Scrolls before playing the game.

My podcast